Monday, April 8, 2013

The Great Escape!

Well.  Yes.  It's me.  Hello.

It has been a little over a year since my last blog post on 'Yellowknife Life' and A LOT HAS HAPPENED.

The North Koreans invaded Yellowknife and set up an elaborate climate bubble that allows for near normal seasonal temperatures, thus improving quality of life for all citizens in the previously frozen Capital of the Northwest Territories.  We are extremely grateful and hope the Canadian Gov't lets them stay.  Unfortunately, due to the repeat, and yet unexplained YK power outages the bubble fails and the North Koreans withdraw, quickly.  Oh well, I suppose in the end it's a good thing, I'm not fond of goose-stepping.

Truth be told, we have been posted back to southeastern Ontario.  It was like winning the lottery.  I felt euphoric.  I almost could not accept it, or believe it.  Normal living conditions were coming into view, were within our reach, I scarcely wanted to breathe lest it be some sick joke.  I realized I had forgotten what living in "the normal land" felt like.  I began to dream, to try to remember everything I loved.  Nope.  I was like an east German trying to envision life on the other side of the wall.  I lost it, the feeling had been numbed, because it had to be to survive up here.

But God was merciful.  He showed us that it was His plan from the beginning of this saga, to return us to the home we kept, in faith, in Ontario.  I felt like He was giving me my Promised Land.  That is really how I feel.  I feel like I wandered a desert for 3 years, a desert of refinement and stripping away what God said didn't belong in me.  I was left with Him.  Knowing the value of His presence like never before.  I wouldn't trade that for anything.  So for that, I thank Him, and I thank Yellowknife.

Our family moved in June 2012.  We chose to drive out.  We needed to break into normal slowly, lest we succumb to some kind of bloating.

Actually there was no way in hell I would do the drive between Yellowknife and Edmonton with our 2 little girls again.  Did it once (Spring Break).  Drove down.  Flew back.  !-that.  It was an unplanned flight back due to imminent puking and gastro, um, issues.   There are few and far between loo stops in the 19 hour drive (including outhouses that are really not practical in this environment) (what the ! were they thinking?!?!), I mean really?  Minus 40C people!  I mean, it WILL LITERALLY freeze your ! off and there IS NO 911... or cell reception for that matter.  At least they shovel a path to said outhouse, I'll give them credit where it's due.  The other, not cold season, will find you so swarmed with horseflies and mosquitos of impressive variety, and size, that by the time you reach that lovely facility you will want to jump into the honeypot to save yourself.  Just a really crappy situation all around.  So.  My husband drove the YK to Edmonton route and the girls and I flew down the next day.  Awesome.  End of rabbit trail.

Ironically, my last supper in Yellowknife was at Pizza Hut (no car, next to hotel), where I had refused to eat for 2 years.  I was expecting what caused me to abstain for 2 years, but I was blessed instead.  The girls and I had a really nice meal with really great service, and it was sooooo peaceful, I was utterly amazed and... blessed.  I will say it again; I was blessed.  The next morning a dear friend drove us to the airport.  Bless his heart and bless his family.

Many, many emotions as the flight took off over Yellowknife.  So many memories.  My heart had gone through so much there, like wrestling for 3 years: up and down, up and down.  My first child started school and learned to ride a bike there.  My second baby was born there; Yellowknife forever on her Birth Certificate.

The drive across Canada and the US was full of wonder and God's grace.  Our girls were amazingly well behaved.  We visited family and friends along the way.  As we started the drive out of Edmonton I caught sight of hay bales and COWS and I MARVELED at the beauty of sprawling, green grass meadows.  And hedgerows, oh my, the hedgerows!  I was drooling and swooning over the landscape... and I still am, 10 months later.

The move itself, the logistics, were a disaster.  Half our load went missing, all of it was late, many things were smashed, even after finding the other load, we still had items and boxes missing.  one of our vehicles was shipped, delivery was delayed due to smashing of our rear windshield.  Nice.  Our claim was huge.  We had a "professional" Yellowknife moving company (I'll be gracious and let them remain anonymous) do our move.  They did it alright.  Yellowknife was still biting us in the a-- 6 months after the move.

But it's over now.  I am still processing.  It is taking time, but it has been good.

God has been thawing me out, gently.

I am blessed.