Monday, November 2, 2009

White World

This morning I woke up to a beautiful white landscape. Every tree, every little leaf and branch was covered in (what I believe is called) hoar frost. A thick and fluffy white coating on everything. Minus 18 degrees celsius with the windchill last night and I didn't plug the van in, oh well, the "locals" didn't either. I got Emma and I out in plenty of time to warm up the van and get her to school on time. I started it and then came back in for her. After 10 minutes I still couldn't get the ice off the windows with the scraper, even though the engine was already registering warm and the fans were on full blast. Don't know if that is normal, or just lousy GM heaters. Hmm. Both Emma and I have been house bound for a week due to some wicked cold virus. She couldn't wait for me to un-buckle her, she hit the ground running to the school. That was easy! :0)
After dropping her off I headed to my dock. It was breathtaking, all frozen solid, the lake covered in ice and snow. The silence there is awe-inspiring, as is the song of the Ravens in that setting, it was the only sound. The sound of their wings flapping as they flew overhead was also pretty impressive. They were checking me out for a hand-out. I had my little digital camera with me and clicked away. There was a little hole in the cloud for an orange sun. As I neared the dock I noticed upside down, triangle shaped rocks wedged in the ice where the water is normally 3 or 4 feet deep. Someone has been tossing them in to check out the strength of the ice. The local authorities say it's forming well, but not ready to walk on. There is a website to check out ice thickness measurements.
By now my gloveless hand that was holding the camera was too cold, I took a few more snaps and got back in the van. At home I parked the van and went for a quick walk to find some more hoar frost forest for my camera to capture. When the batteries died I headed back home to get a few things done before I pick up my husband from the airport. It will be so nice having him back, it was a rough couple weeks without him here. But, this morning refreshed me, I think God was giving me a hug.